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Child Care Nurse Consultant (CCNC)

What Is CCNC?

Our Child Care Nurse Consultant (CCNC), Linsey Gilbert, works with both child care centers and in-home child care programs in Woodbury and Ida counties to promote the health and safety of children in the child care setting.  We are currently serving about 200 child care programs.  Our consultant assists parents, providers and physicians with special needs children while they are child care. Gilbert also offers several trainings to child care providers including CPR, Safe Sleep Medication Administration and many more.

Our Child Care Nurse Consultant also works with programs to improve the quality of care they provide by helping them in the Quality Rating System. She does health and safety assessments and reviews the children’s records as well as the child care environment to ensure all best practice health and safety measures are met. She offers both on-site consultation as well as phone and Zoom meetings to help providers navigate health and safety concerns. As the COVID-19 pandemic hit, our CCNC has worked very closely with all programs to make sure they are meeting Center for Disease Control (CDC), Iowa Department of Public Health (IDPH) and Department of Human Services (DHS) standards when it comes to exclusion of sick children and staff as well as how to handle situations of outbreak and exposure.

For more information about consultations for your business or center, please contact Linsey Gilbert at