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Community Services

Programs Offered

Our Community Services Department is our first point of contact for people who come to us for help.  If you are in need of assistance for any of the programs below, please give us a call today to set up an appointment at 712-274-1610.

General Assistance

The Community Action Agency of Siouxland began administering the General Assistance program for the Woodbury County Board of Supervisors in August 2003. Households receiving help from the General Assistance program must be at or below 100% of Federal Poverty guidelines. The program can assist families with a portion of heating or water utilities, burials, medical expenses, rent or mortgage payments, bus tokens, cab fare or a one way bus ticket.

For more on the federal poverty guidelines, click here.

Energy Crisis Intervention Program (ECIP)

ECIP is a crisis intervention program that provides emergency heating and cooling assistance to families or individuals at or below 200% of poverty.

Emergency Services

If you need emergency services, please call 712-274-1610 to speak with one of our outreach workers. You can also apply online by clicking on the button below.

Tenant-Based Rental Assistance (TBRA)

TBRA is a subsidized rental assistance program that serves individual households.  A typical monthly rental allowance is 30% of the monthly adjusted family income.

Homeless Prevention

This program helps individuals who are at-risk of being homeless.  To meet the criteria for the program you must have at least one of the documents below:

  • Written Documentation from Landlord of intent to evict (Text Messages or Verbal notices are not acceptable)
  • Must have written rental agreement between you and your landlord (verbal agreements are not acceptable)
  • If you are exiting a treatment facility or halfway house, you must provide documentation of the date you are due to exit the facility.
  • Documentation that your residence has been Red Tagged
  • Documentation of Foreclosure
  • Provide Social security cards from everyone in the household

Rapid Rehousing

This program is for individuals who are homeless.  To be eligible for this program you must provide documentation that you:

  • Reside in a shelter
  • Reside in transitional housing (this does not include treatment facilities or a halfway house)
  • Live in a place not meant for human habitation
  • Must be able to provide documentation from an outside agency on that specific situation.
  • Provide Social Security cards for everyone in the household

We Care

The WeCare program allows us to help families with emergencies. We often get requests for assistance that the programs we administer are not designed to assist with. The WeCare program allows us to help someone that needs just a little extra help.


MidAmerican Energy customers make a donation to help others pay a portion of their heating bills; 25% of the donation is matched by MidAmerican. We distribute the contributions to those in need of help with their energy bill.

Embrace Iowa

The Des Moines Register operates the Embrace Iowa campaign. The paper publishes a series of articles that feature low-income families. Donations are distributed to the 16 Community Action Agencies in Iowa.

Holiday Gifts & Special Projects

Through generous donations from churches, businesses, schools and individuals the Community Action Agency is able to provide clients with a merrier Christmas. Children are provided with toys while some families receive all the food needed to provide a wonderful Christmas or Thanksgiving meal.

Landlord Form For Rental Assistance

If you have been instructed to fill out a landlord form before your appointment, please click on the button below.